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Hello yes also in English yes!!! 

Not advanced enough to have a translate-button for the entire website and too poor to hire someone! 

Wanted to include this page in case your name is Dave Malloy and you want to hire me as an unpaid intern, in which case I will be beamed up from the sky like an alien en be magically transmitted to NYC. 
Furthermore (yes I have written a lot of five paragraph essays in high school using a lot of LINKING WORDS), for people named Dave Malloy and other non-Dutch: 

Lotte Kok (1996) is the writer of Skydancer (2018), Hina (2022) and Wat Liefde Kan Doen (2024), of which Hina is currently being translated to English - see below! 

All my writing is very musical, i.e. I try to capture the music I hear, and what it invokes in me, into words. That's why I have an intense love for (literary) musical theatre, because it doesn't need the translation: the text and music enrich and reinforce each other. 

Because, apparently, I am a creepy person, I sometimes write letters to Dave Malloy to try to explain why I love his work so much, and what it brings me. (It is a special kind of excitement and agony to understand the hero of your passions is alive and somewhere on this earth doing something and being one step closer to death every day.) (Creepy! At least I have selfawareness!)
I like this part: 

I still love your work, in a way that is a little more than love. In a way that is alive. I feel most alive when I listen to your work. And that, also, is something sacred I think. (...) Music has always been an integral part of my work. My first novel grew out of a playlist of songs, like a musical Frankenstein that emerged almost beyond my control. I hear the music, and it tells me something that happens in the story. Sometimes it tells me about a theme, often about feelings, or sometimes it is just the way a character holds another. That is why I love your work. The intertwinedness of story and music; the way Rachmaninov's music tells all what Natalya maybe can't put into words yet; the siren calls of whine glasses, illustrating the nerve wrecking mess of Anatole and Natasha's first kiss; the beautiful, beautiful crashing of the waves when the 'thousand mermaids' start to sing for the first time in your Moby-Dick. Sometimes life is just too elusive to find the correct words, and music is there to help capture a feeling. Sometimes I feel like I will never be able to write the music into words; at least I know you are doing it, albeit reversed. 

So, now the creepy stalker-part is over, onto: 




The amazing Bo Elise Brummelkamp is translating my novel Hine (2022), as part of the Emerging Literary Translator Association. In her own words: 'I chose the novel Hina by Lotte Kok, a retelling of a classic Middle Dutch miracle play that has been described as a fairy tale with hints of horror. It tells the story of a young girl who is forced to flee into dark and dangerous woods, where she encounters a wealthy man who is not what he seems, a troubled knight who wants to protect her but struggles to protect himself, and a wise, talking hedgehog who implores her to save the forest.' 

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